Put BCI’s Expertise and Innovation to Work for You

BCI has the specialized equipment, experienced personnel and advanced technology to assist you with your next collector well project from concept to completion. Led by Greg Slone, Director of our Collector Wells group, and his 25 years of experience in every facet of the design, construction and maintenance of large-scale water supply systems, BCI is uniquely positioned to make your next project a success. Greg previously served as Technical Director of Brechtel Radial Collector Wells, LLC, was a Project Geologist at Ranney and has worked on numerous collector well projects including new construction, geologic investigations, and evaluation of existing wells across the country.

BCI will work closely with you to evaluate your site to determine its suitability for a collector well including reviewing existing records and reports, conducting exploratory test drilling, pumping tests and a geological analysis all summarized in a comprehensive report.  From there, BCI partners with you and your engineer to get plans approved, secure bids from subcontractors, supervise the construction, perform a final inspection and oversee the transition into ongoing production.

BCI’s advanced technology includes innovations that will increase the efficiency and output of your wells including:

  • Gravel-packed lateral screens – allows sand-free production from collector wells installed in fine-grain aquifer settings.
  • Pull-down method of caisson construction – maintains strict plumbness tolerances during sinking and excavation of caisson.
  • Pre-cast caissons – utilizes pre-cast concrete caisson sections to save time and money while providing superior quality control.
  • “Dry” caisson installations – allows future maintenance to be performed on individual laterals while the well remains in service.

In summary, we can help you with all facets of the design, construction and operation of your collector well and water supply system by offering the following services:

Water Supply Construction
  • Radial collector well installation
  • Gravel-packed lateral screens
  • Surface water intake construction
  • Riverbank filtration systems
  • Well rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Well inspections and service
  • Hydro-geologic investigations
  • Well head completion
  • Seawater collection systems
  • Infiltration gallery construction
  • Pumping efficiency evaluations
  • Well-field design and management
Geotechnical Construction
  • Caisson and shaft construction
  • Sheeting and shoring
  • Dewatering and construction
  • Micro-tunneling engineering
  • Effluent outfall diffuser installation
  • Earth retention systems
  • Static calculations
  • Pre-cast caissons
Environmental Management
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Remediation systems

For more information contact Greg Slone by Email – gslone@buildingcrafts.com, or phone – 859-781-9500.

A Gravel Packed Lateral
A Gravel Packed Lateral
Gravel Packing
Gravel Packing
Pulling Down A Pre-Cast Caisson
Pulling Down A Pre-Cast Caisson