Farbest Foods, Inc. WWTP Improvements
Huntingburg, IN

Case Study
Job Details
  • Improvements to existing 0.65 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Demolished existing lime building & provided temporary operations for chemical systems
  • Installed new lime slurry, sodium hypochlorite and polymer feed systems
  • Constructed new 5,000 sq. ft. DAF-Chemical Building around existing DAF System
  • Modified existing DAF System; new DAF Vault, new DAF & DAFF Pumps
  • Constructed new Denitrification Reactors/WAS Storage Structure
  • Constructed a new 60′ diameter settling tank, scum pump station and valve unit
  • Remodeled existing laboratory and electrical building
  • Constructed a new flocculation & flow splitter structure
  • Installed new positive displacement blowers and coarse bubble diffusers
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Project Cost: $5,315,057.00
Date Completed: August 2011
Owner: Farbest Foods, Inc.
Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer