Caisson‐Type Intake Structure Contract ‘A’ Lake Rathbun, IA

Case Study
Job Details
  • 20′ diameter, 60′ deep concrete intake caisson on Lake Rathbun in Centerville, IA
  • Caisson formed and poured in place in lifts as it was sunk to desired depth by excavating interior
  • 36″ diameter, 550′ long steel intake line microtunneled from caisson to lake bottom
  • 8″ diameter, 550′ long HDPE air burst line directional drilled from caisson to lake bottom
  • Marine construction of 36″ T‐type intake screen complete with air burst and chemical piping
  • Four (4) 36″ diameter, 60′ tall pump cans for future submersible pumps
  • Complex Iowa geology required added skill and special tunneling methods
Project Location: Centerville, Iowa 
Project Cost: $2,858,630.00 
Date Completed: July, 2011 
Owner: Rathbun Regional Water Assoc.
Engineer: McClure Engineering