Dry Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Final Clarifier Modifications

Case Study
Job Details
  • Replaced six (6) existing 131’‐0″ diameter final clarifier mechanisms
  • Replaced FRP trough, wire, and baffle in six (6) existing final clarifiers
  • Replaced six (6) existing 14″, 3500 gpm horizontal non‐clog RAS pump.
  • Replaced piping and valves.
  • Replaced discharge piping of three (3) secondary skimmings pumps.
  • Replaced discharge piping of one (1) drainage pump.
  • Constructed new MCC Room.
  • Replaced two (2) existing 30″ sluice gates.
Project Location: Villa Hills, KY
Project Cost: $5,029,827.00
Date Completed: May, 2011 
Owner: Sanitation District No.1 
Engineer: Hazen & Sawyer