Analyzing the Feasibility of Your Project To Ensure Its Long-term Success

BCI’s comprehensive preconstruction services analyze all facets of your facility in the proposal stage to confirm its feasibility, optimize the construction process and ensure long-term success.  We begin by identifying project site locations including special requirements or particular constraints and do a site analysis. Then, we explore budgeting options and generate cash flow projections.  Next, we develop a master schedule identifying critical path items, establishing responsibilities and communication methods, and reviewing any regulatory processes and approvals.  A review of existing drawings and specifications, scheduling and lead times, and estimating major cost components is performed to confirm overall build feasibility.

In the next phase, a master schedule is produced, team members are chosen and assembled and contracting options are recommended.  Detailed cost estimates are generated, automated cost-control procedures are put in place, and overall budgets are finalized.  Subcontractor bids are obtained, reviewed and recommendations made.  Lines of communication are established between all team members to keep projects well-organized and on track with easy-to-read reports showing project tasks, timelines and milestone dates.  BCI does everything possible to make certain your project is successful, leaving no stone unturned.