Mill Creek WWTP Secondary Improvements Project Cincinnati, OH

Case Study
Job Details
  • Replaced eighteen (18) ‐ 105′ diameter square clarifier mechanisms
  • Installed eighteen (18) RAS pumps and 30″ through 60″ RAS distribution piping
  • Installed six (6) WAS pumps and converted the existing RAS Wetwell to
  • a WAS and Skimmings Wetwell
  • Installed eighteen (18) motor operated rotating scum troughs
  • Replaced sixteen (16) ‐ 7 ‘x 9’ motor operated rectangular butterfly valves
  • Constructed a new electrical building containing medium voltage switchgear and pump VFD’s
  • Integrated new system with the existing plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
Project Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Project Cost: $25,538,701.00
Date Completed: April, 2013
Owner: MSD of Greater Cincinnati
Engineer: Jacobs/Black & Veatch