A Collaborative Approach to Building

The Design/Build method of construction promotes teamwork among the owner, designers, general contractor and subcontractors that can prove very beneficial to owner/operators. When the contractor is working simultaneously with the architects and engineers on design, sourcing, budgeting and scheduling, it can speed completion, reduce cost, eliminate duplicate efforts, and result in a superior process.  By having one entity and one point of contact responsible for all phases of the project, this turn-key approach offers the owner distinct advantages by ensuring seamless communications throughout the project.

BCI will coordinate and manage the efforts of the owner, architects, engineers and subcontractors during the design phase facilitating free and open communication of ideas to ensure the best possible result.  We will also act as the general contractor providing budget and cost estimates, scheduling and contract placement simultaneously during the design phase to speed completion and increase the efficiency of the project. We regularly meet with the engineers and owners throughout the process to refine budgets and scope to ensure an outstanding project at the best cost and highest quality possible.